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Re: Logelloop multitrack realtime audio looper for MAC OS 10.4and 10.5

At 9:08 PM +0100 12/30/07, Philippe ollivier wrote:
>Hi Mech,
>Sorry, i was out today...

Don't sweat it!  Hey, this is already a superior response time to 
what you get with all but the highest tier of software/hardware 

>>...they don't mention that the SPEED parameter is subject to this. 
>>Does that mean that the lag only affects instances where you are 
>>manipulating time and pitch independently of each other?
>Yes, Pitch is a big calculation to obtain a good sound while speed 
>change is only related to the player. There is no calculation. So, 
>no latency needed. I just have to say that our speed change system 
>is made to obtain the better sound even t very low speed.

Awesome!  So, at its heart, you get the same sort of functionality as 
99.9% of the other Loopers out there.  And if you can accept some 
lag, you can also have independent control over time and/or pitch as 

>When you use a pitch, you need time to calculate. So if only one 
>track is pitched, it is not synced to other tracks. So, I decided to 
>insert a delay in the other tracks to maintain the music 
>synchronization. The problem is when you need to make an overdub if 
>(at least one track is pitched or streched). It is the reason why i 
>prefer to record my sound before playing with pitch and strech...
>This will change, it is sure, but i don't know when.

No problem; merely wanted to see if that were on the roadmap.  :)

>>I noticed there's not a real Feedback parameter...
>The feedback exist. It is what we call "mixed overdub" You can 
>choose it in the transport panel or with a macro. in transport, in 
>the right hand, there is a word "NORMAL". If you click it one time 
>it turn to "MIXED". Then the overdub is mixed.
>Under this word, you can change the percentage of mix just with a 
>If you click another time on the word "MIXED" it turn to "REPLACE" 
>and in this case an overdub will replace the sound like for a tape.

Dig!  That's just what I was looking for.  Thanks Philippe!!!

>Sorry i just understand that it is not explained in the documentation!!!

Like I said before, it's still early on.  These things will get worked 
out.  ;)

>The autofade affect all the tracks at the same time.
>Yes, with the macro you can fade in or out each track separately.

That's excellent!  So you could have tracks automatically fading in 
and out against one another (like with the newest Looperlative 
update).  Lots of other things I'm certain you could do with Macros, 
I merely haven't gotten a chance to get too far yet.

>>Is there a way to use two of the "built in" effects simultaneously 
>>(for instance, Convo or Granulateurre feeding into Delay)?
>No, it is not possible for now.
>I am also interested in it for my music. So you can be sure i will 
>implement it as soon as i have the time.

Heheheh!  I definitely like it when the developer has a vested 
interest in doing the same thing I want to accomplish.

>I also plan to implement more than 2 auxes but i don't know when.

Cool!  And it looks like you've possibly been influenced by some bits 
of the routing configuration from Ableton, which is a good thing 
IMNSHO.  Live is one of those things that I keep trying to replace 
(believing that there has to be something better out there for my 
purposes) but I always get sucked back into it again -- either by CPU 
utilization, or the flexible routing, or the built in effects, or.... 

>>I keep running up against that bloody 20-minute demo limit (I think 
>>there's also supposed to be another limit at the 10-minute mark -- 
>>dumps all your loop memory -- but that's either inconsistent or a 
>Yes. 20 minutes is the demo limit. After it crash! I am sure that 20 
>minutes is not enough so i will change this very soon.
>And the 10 minutes dump is not a bug! It is a bad idea i have a 
>day!! I will also change this.

Oh that would be wonderful.  As we said before, this is a very deep 
program.  I had the 20 minutes time out on me once yesterday while 
merely going through all the options under the preference page.  ;)

As far as I'm concerned, the deeper the better.  Of course, you don't 
want to obscure the simplicity of the basic operations (and I think 
you have succeeded pretty well in leaving those transparent) but 
beyond that I enjoy seeing as much flexibility in a program as 
possible.  But it takes a little longer than 20 minutes in a session 
to really see what can be done here.

>You are welcome!
>And thanks.
>Philippe OLLIVIER.

Ahh, no.  Rather, thank you Philippe!  I think you've come up with 
something that's well worth exploring.  And as I mentioned to Zoe, 
I'm not trying to be harsh on the product.  I merely want to know its 
various ins and outs.

Thanks again!

"the wind in my heart; the dust in my head...."