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Art thanks, I agree it's either that or Ghost an image as Per suggested.  In the end though it's best to do the 'right' thing I've worked in tech support too long with too many fringe bene's.


On 12/28/07, Art Simon <simart@gmail.com> wrote:

I may understand what's going on (or maybe not!). Licensing in the
Windows world is much more restrictive than in the mac world. There
was a time a couple years ago when you could use a Dell Windows CD and
activation code with any computer. Technically, though, you were never
suppose to. The Dell CDs have an OEM license which is suppose to only
apply to the computer it was sold with. I had a bunch of HP computers
at work that came with XP home licenses that were never used. I used
those licenses successfully on other computers until microsoft updated
it's database. Now I can't use any OEM license except on the computer
it came with.

You can buy a XP disc with license for around $90 from companies like
newegg.com. I don't think there is a cheaper alternative.

On Dec 28, 2007 1:33 PM, Jim Goodin < jimgoodinmusic@gmail.com> wrote:
> Per that's interesting and hope Todd sees.  We were trying to just make the
> activation work which I've done a thousand times but totally in a Windows
> world.  The installs I had were OEM installs that came with Dell boxes which
> sense if not a Dell box will prompt for activation otherwise they don't.
> Every time on the Mac Todd experienced input errors on the activation code,
> it would never let him fully input the code.  We called  the activation
> support but of course was pretty useless.  Was this somehow a Mac
> incompatibility betweeen it and the Dell CD's.  Anyhow I use Ghost a lot and
> that's a thought actually no reason why that wouldnt' work as long as you
> can boot the Mac with a ghost boot CD.  I've worked with Mac's off and on
> and now have several in my house and am running on a G4. My kids have Intel
> Macbooks which will allow me to try bootcamp and experimen t with this.  The
> other option is not bad as you say the idea of reinstalling every 30 a bit
> annoying, anyhow thanks re Ghost, will explore.
> Jim

Art Simon

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