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Re: Thing I'd like to see in 2008

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> * Krispen Hartung throws away his laptop and does an album of jazz tunes
> (either standards, original or mixed). This is either him on acoustic 
> guitar
> or him on electric with a JC-120 amp. Either solo or duets with a pianist
> (think Bailey/Ballads or Frisell/Songs we know).

Joke aside, I may take you up on this! However, the problem is finding a 
piano player in Boise who would be willing to do this with me. Most of the 
really good jazz pianists look down upon the really free improv music, yet 
the key players that I know who are really into free improv don't have the 
jazz chops. It's sort of a catch 22.  But I will keep searching! There is 
definitely a sax player who will do this with me, but piano would be a lot 
of fun...two polyphonic instruments provides for a lot of harmonic 
and possibilities.