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Re: Expression vs Vol pedal for midi control

>> Not sure I follow you. Why do you think there would be loss of 
>> definition? If anything I have more, because I am not limited to 0-127, 
>> but I can take a continuous amp change (down to as many decimal points 
>> I desire) and convert that into any range I like, mapped to an express 
>> pedal.
> Quite so, but wasn't the original question to do with the suitability as
> a regular expression pedal? As a Max (or Bidule) specific solution
> it looks very neat if you can afford the audio channels.

Yes, you are right. We're down the max/msp rabbit hole now. :)

> The only problem I can see with your approach is that in removing 
> of the sine frequency to stop them modulating the control signal end up 
> with a delay in the control signal, but then a rough 128 step controller 
> also needs filtering.
> What frequency do you use?

I don't have my patch in front of me now, but I think it was 100hz. I 
actually asked Jeff this, and
he said it made no difference, based on testing with different 
All you need is a
wave...square, saw, sine...doesn't matter...just something to generate a 
signal and level that can
be measured by max.  He's been using this method for years and has wrote 
papers on its
efficiency. I have not percieved any delay in the signal. The conversation 
process from signal level
range to parameter range is so unbelievably simple and requires very 
code in max. It's mostly
all mathematical.