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Re: new composition influenced by looping and some ramblings

Qua, Todd, cpr, and Per,

Thank you for your compliments on "The Sad Little Ghost".


And many thanks to the many people who took the time to listen.

Quoting cpr@musetrap.com:
> Now, the real question is, would I have thought it was   
> 'Elfman-esque', if I had
> not seen your comment regarding Nightmare before Christmas? hmmmm...

Well, the answer is that you may have thought the work was  
Elfman-esque anyway.  While I enjoy the music from "Nightmare Before  
Christmas" I've never really sought to imitate Elfman per se.   
However, over the last year a few people have said that my work is a  
little like Elfman's.  Well, since I like Elfman's work I take it as a  

Happy Halloween to one and all.

-- Kevin