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Re: using muliple, simple loop pedals

Thoughts?  For the price get an RC50.  It's like running 3 RC20xl in  
parallel, either independently - ie: different loop lengths, fade  
out/ fade in times etc. - or in sync.  Lots of midi stuff too (that I  
don't use or know about).  Should be able to get one for around $400  
(+/-).  Cheaper than 3 RC-2s.....
- Paul

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On Oct 22, 2007, at 4:28 PM, qua@oregon.com wrote:

> While I ponder my software looping product choices, I want to get  
> started
> with some not-so-expensive hardware pedals.  It occurred to me that  
> 2 or
> even 3 RC-2's  might be interesting.   I have a splitter and could  
> route
> instrument inputs to one or more in parallel,  or daisy chain them.
> Seems that this could emulate multiple looping tracks.
> Your thoughts =?
> -Qua
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