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Re: Colored MacBook shells

hei cara.. i remember that were warren sirota or ted killian,
though maybe i'm wrong... why don'y you look in the apple site?

at least in the spanish site they are selling that colored shells
you are referring to. i supose all sites it's the same.

just give it a look to the menu on the left of the site.

hope it helps,

2007/10/22, Cara Quinn <CaraQuinn@onemodelplace.com >:
                          Hey All, a while back here, there were a couple of notes posted about
colored shells for a MacBook / MacBook Pro.

   Would whomever sent those along, possibly be so kind as to do so again?...

   (I'm interested in shells for a MacBook 13.3)

I checked the archives but alas, cannot locate the msgs...

   Thanks so much and have a lovely day!...


Cara  :)

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