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Re: Laptop Looping Redux, Redux

hey mfc,
do you mind sharing which one you bought,is it one of
the new mac pros?

--- midifriedchicken@comcast.net wrote:

> My new Mac arrived friday afternoon. I spent a few
> hours moving programs, licences, etc. Generally
> getting it setup to go. After a very long and
> excruciatingly tedius dinner with the inlaws, I was
> back to see what we could do with her. 
> As far as I can tell, I can load this bitch up with
> cpu munching plug ins and programs and she just
> laughs at me. At one point I had Sooperlooper, Live
> 6.10, various delays, effects and compression all
> going and the cpu was at about 45% with no hiccups,
> clicks or distortion. I am extremly happy and the
> possibilities leave me breathless. 
> The Motu UltraLite arrives tomorrow. So that should
> improve the situation even more. 
> The one downside: as I sit to create, I am literally
> confronted with so many more choices for sounds,
> signal paths, etc. I tend to get a little
> overwhelmed. Boo friggin hoo right?
> MFC. 


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