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RE: "Evil Behringer"

Well, I had several different Behringer mixer models and while I like their price points and feature sets, they sound inferior to Mackie mixers particularly the Onyx line. I haven't tried a Xeynx mixer and if it sounded as good as an Onyx, it would be a good buy indeed.

Luigi Meloni <luigimeloni74@libero.it> wrote:
Just one little question... Have you ever (EVER) TRIED a behringer product or are you talking because you have to say something?
I have had the “ripoff” Mackie mixer, the behringer 2004 and it had the same components of the Mackie 1604(which means exactly the same sound… I have tested them with a spectrum analyser…
And then… Mackie lost against Behringer… The only result they had was to make behringer change the color of their mixers…
I have the behringer digital mixer, and (for the price) it kicks the ass of many Yamahas that cost three or four the time its price…
Alice Cooper’s FOH engineer had a rack full of Composers (the behringer compressor) and Multigates (the behringer 4 channel gate) for the Hey Stoopid tour.
Pink floyd’s FOH engineer had a rack full of Composers, Multicom and Multigates in the photos I have seen of various concerts.
German metal group “Rage” use behringer amplifiers (I saw them live twice with the guitar stack).
The PFM, a great Italian Progressive group (namely Premiata Forneria Marconi), that in the seventies toured europe and the US with King Crimson, ELP etc, in fact they worked during their US years with Giles, member of the first version of King Crimson, usually have four Behringer 8 channel preamps/adat converters in their studio and they have recorded their last two albums using those. These are 24/48 converters, but then in the last live Yamaha mixers (and we are talking 8000 to 12 or 15000 $ live consoles) there are only 24/48 converters.
The Vamp pro (the rack version) kicks the ass of the Pod pro, as far as price, quality of the sound and of the simulations. I have had both and in studio ended up almost always using the Vamp.
Obviously if you want a 400 $ guitar pedal for 40$ you have to cut costs somewhere. But then, talking of ripoffs… Have you ever noticed how some old Digitech (dod) guitar pedals where a total ripoff of MXRs?
Or talk about the famous Boss OD1 (not the later versions) that is more or the less the old Maxon (Ibanez) Ts9?
Or how some Neumann mics (and I mean the pricier ones) are total ripoffs of older Telefunken mics? Or the AKG C12 mic is also a ripoff of the telefunken Elan? And they have also the face to make their ripoffs cost more than the originals…

From: James Richmond [mailto:yahoogroups@jamesrichmond.com]
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Subject: Re: "Evil Behringer"
On Sep 14, 2007, at 6:41 PM, Per Boysen wrote:

I don't think so. Maybe that's why the FCBs seem to be so well built and solid? My first FCB worked for five years. I'm on my second now.
Greetings from Sweden
Cosmetically it looks similar to the Roland foot controller.
I do not know about the internals.
I was the guy who made the 'evil behringer' comment, so I should probably back it up with some facts.
Behringer make some decent products that were not copied directly from other companies but these are by far in the minority.
It is a pity really because they started out making pretty good stuff.
The early German made compressors were very good, not up to UREI but still pretty good.
Once Uli moved his manufacturing to China it all went to pot.
The CT100 cable tester is an exact rip off of the Swiss Army cable tester.
They ripped off Mackie time and time again and were sued for it.
Even when Mackie released the Onyx range... they released the Xenyx range.
Their Vintage Distortion pedal is a direct rip off of a Big Muff- look at the box design, then open them up and compare the electronics.
I could keep going with 90% of the products in their range- and find a product that they ripped off.
They take a good (or in some cases, average) design and build it for 1/5th price, with worse components.
They have an entire city in china dedicated to churning out this crap.
Their Mic Preamps are duller than a box of dirt- esp the 'tube' ones, which have about as much relevence to tube based designs as a monkey playing the banjo does to Jimi Hendrix.
In audio engineer circles whey are regarded as the Microsoft of Pro Audio.
Jim Richmond.

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