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Re: RME Firewire 800 and Guitar Amp Sim

Krispen Hartung wrote:
> Can anyone comment on the speaker emulation filter and tube 
> sim/limiter of the FW800? Someone on the Max/MSP list commented that it 
> was one of the best amp sims they've used. See below.  Is any other high 
> end firewire audio interface offering ann amp sim?
> I am now focusing on how I can get the most natural electric guitar/tube 
> amp sound on my system, BEFORE going into the laptop (so, no tube amp 
> VSTs, etc). I need to do it with the audio interface, or by adding a 
> real tube amp or high end tube amp simulator (hardware)

Hi Krispen, Group,

It has been some time since I have messed with the speaker 
emulator/limiter feature on the instrument input of my FW800 but...

When I originally got the unit I played with those features with my 
Strat and a few other guitars and found that for my tastes it was just 
an add-on/gimmick feature that did not improve the sound. It probably 
depends on what sound you are looking for, and it would be worth trying 
it yourself, but I don't expect to use that feature when going direct 
with my electric guitars. I much preferred the instrument input with 
those features turned off.

Someday I would like to find a nice portable preamp to drive my 
otherwise clean/direct setup with, but for my tastes, those features 
were not in any way a decent substitute. Having said that, I am sure 
that someone loves those features and uses them everyday. ;-)

- Sam