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Re: Help with echoplex...it records..all the time! ANyone seen this problem?

I never use it, but that sounds like the EDP is in Loop mode. Change Loop Mode to Loop and it should work as you expect.

If it's not that, I've never run across my EDP behaving like that from Loop mode.


On 8/12/07, Bob Weigel <sounddoctorin@imt.net> wrote:
One of the echoplexes in the system we are trying to assemble has this
oddity it seems..well two of them had it but one got stolen apparently.
It was shipped to my old address :-(  Nobody knew if for a few days.

ANyway when I boot it all seems well.  Once I hit record though, it
seems to work right but..after you hit record again and it loops it
continues to record anything you play thereafter!  and mix it in with
the current loop!  Without any function being hit to do that.  Since he
had two units do this I assume it's common problem.  Maybe even operator
error..I haven't looked at the manual for a while.  I don't use the
machines myself. -Bob