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> I think it's worth not forgetting that
> you'd notice as soon as you hit Reverse, or triggered a loop from start.
> (or any other of the functions that can't be compensated)

True.  Latency can't be compensated if you "play" the looper like a
phrase sampler.  Any action that requires an immediate change in
direction or location can't be compensated, the best we can do is skip
ahead a little so that what you hear still lines up with what you
play.  Usually this is not very noticeable since you're making an
abrupt change to the sound anyway.

For EDP-style looping this is an issue when ending the initial
recording, reverse, retrigger, loop switch, and a few others when they
are not being quantized.  If you are quantizing and press the switch
in advance of when it will actually happen we may have enough time to