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Re: Low Lantecy Soundcard for Laptop Gig

> You guys keep mentioning the
> RME Fireface 400 and RME Fireface 800.
> They look incredible but, man,  it takes my breath away to see
> what these things cost!  $700 and $1200,
> respectively.................argggggghhh!


> Any other alternatives besides the really pricey soundcards?


Echo Indigo IO is a good option, if you're comfortable with only 2-ins
2-outs and if you have a CardBus slot on your laptop. You also get a lower
latency than is possible with Firewire bus (I run at 64 sample latency, 32
is possible). The downside with the Indigo IO is the poor 1/8" jacks that
tend to become finnicky after some wear. I've already had 2 replacements
shipped out from Echo.

For live instrumental work, I really feel that 1-2 ms latency is about the
upper limit of what I'm willing to accept. Companies these days are saying
5-10 ms is fine, but as a piano player I can feel the difference even with
a couple milliseconds of delay. So I have shyed away from Macbook with its
lack of CardBus support. Firewire just doesn't seem to be built for
ultra-low latency performance (that's my opinion).

Another CardBus option that looks good is the Digigram VX Pocket series
(V2 or V440, at around $400-500).

I'd be interested to hear what RME Fireface users are getting in terms of
real-world latencies (in-out).

You can get cheaper firewire and USB audio interfaces, but my impression
is that the low latency performance is not as good. RME is known for
having great latency performance.