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Extended gigspam

I'm in the States and am going to be traveling and playing a bunch of 
shows over the next few months, including San Francisco (starting 
tomorrow), Fresno, Long Beach, Los Angeles, San Diego, then New York, 
Vermont, Philadelphia, and Lancaster, PA. Most are solo acoustic with a 
mix of instrumentals (minimalist-flamenco-folk-classicalish) and vocal 
tunes (indie singer-songwriter stuff), and thus not necessarily of 
interest to this here looping community. But I'll be sneaking some 
looping into at least the Long Beach show where I'll be doing a cassette 
looping set in addition to the more typical fare. That's at Koos Art 
Center (http://www.koos.org/) on Wednesday July 11, at 8 p.m.

More details on the other shows on my calendar: 

Most excitingly, in late July I'll be starting a short run of shows with 
Chinapainting, my duo with Jim Goodin. We play acoustic instruments 
(myself on nylon-string guitar, he on 12-string, fretless, mandolin, and 
god knows what else) and improvise, with heavy use of the cassette loops 
as well as the occasional effect on Jim's instruments. It'll be our 
first time meeting together after having been playing via Ninjam since 
last October. I'll post again as the shows get closer, but we'll be 
playing twice in Brooklyn, once on the radio in upstate NY, and once in 
Connecticut. Details here...http://www.chinapaintingmusic.com/news.htm

Very bummed I had to miss the Manring/Walker/Cleveland/Powell show in 
the East Bay tonight, I hope it went well.


Daryl Shawn