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Re: Boss RC 20XL Set-up - Help!

you can plug a mic into the mic jack beside the instrument one, just not sure about effects.i use that mic jack for my ipod for rythmns, a regular quarter inch mic as well, and my guitar into the instrument part.

Yair Rubinstein <yairrubinstein@hotmail.com> wrote:
So here's my basic problem. I have a boss loopstation that I want to use to
loop my guitar and a microphone. The thing is I want the output of the mic
to be routed straight into my mixer and the guitar to be routed straight
into my amp. The problem is the loopstation only has one output. Is there
any way around this???

I bought a Morely A/B converter to try and split the signal but I forgot to
take into account the single output problem. Is there any way to split the
signals of the two inputs??


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