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RE: Laptops -dedicated to music only? - MacBook as a dual platformexperiences


I don't have time to read the whole thread, but I just thought I'd tell 
I use a MacBook (2GHz Core Duo 2, not Pro) with Boot Camp. The Mac side is
dedicated to music, the PC mostly software development. It's a good setup.
The Mac side doesn't spontaneously f*ck up the audio drivers like the
Windows side does. I'm no Mac bigot, and I've used Windows machines for 
years for both music and programming, but I have to say that the Mac seems
noticeably more stable for day-to-day audio operations. Maybe that's just
because I do nothing else on it.

Parallels is currently useless to me, but I boot camp. The problem with
Parallels is that I do my Windows development in VMWare virtual machines 
they don't run under Parallels (two layers of incompatible virtualization 
a good thing). When VMWare Fusion comes outta beta, I expect to use that as
a Parallels alternative, and I expect I'll rarely visit Boot Camp directly.
(I can't use Parallels as a VMWare alternative for development because
Parallels doesn't have the all-important "snapshot" feature that VMWare

For more normal dual-platform people, Parallels and Fusion are very cool
because they can both use Boot Camp partitions. So the best thing is to
create a Boot Camp partition and then mostly run it from OSX using 
or Fusion. That way, if you ever really need to go native for Windows, you
can boot directly into it, which gives you a Windows machine that is no
different than any other computer designed for Windows and runs any audio 
any other software "natively" (most of the drivers are, in fact, better
matched to the hardware than in the usual Windows machine, although for 
reason tapping the trackpad doesn't work to click - you have to press the
button at the trackpad or use an external mouse. Maybe apple has upgraded
that driver recently, I'm not sure).

My only major caution about the dual-platform thing: disk space (not 
although it should be maxed out) becomes an issue. I got a 120GB drive, but
it's just barely large enough to host my 4 different operating system
machines and virtual machines effectively (OK, most people won't be doing
this). But still - a word of caution. Window's NTFS disk format is
proprietary, and OSX can't read it. So if you want to use a Windows boot
camp partition from OSX, the Windows partition has to be formatted as FAT
(and I think there's some sort of 32GB limit on size, although I don't
believe that's intrinsic to FAT - that may be a Parallels thing). This
limitation is not relevant for just booting into Windows via Boot Camp.


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This is what I expected,  I just thought I'd check to see.
I've been using a MacBookPro running WindowsXP in Parallels as part of a
pilot program at work. It occurred to me that if I bought my own 
perhaps personal stuff could be run in Windows(Parallels), and music stuff
on the MacOS.    But I think there would be a problem with memory 
etc so that you'd end up with neither OS taking full advantage of the


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Mine is music performance only as well, with the exception of accessing the
internet for software updates and a few key forums, like max/msp, etc. I
don't change anything with the settings, so my virus checkers, etc, are all

I did, however, optimize my configuration for music applications, it's on
Sweetwater's website and thier PC optimization guide.



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> Question for those of you who use laptops.
> Do you dedicate/optimize the laptop for use with music/audio/video only?
> (i.e. ,  no email, finances, other personal apps that you might use on a
> personal computer)
> -Qua