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Re: Laptops -dedicated to music only?

One more thing to keep in mind if using Windows computers.

If you're splitting your studio between two computers (one for 
email/internet & one for music), set up your email computer with a 
pseudo-studio configuration and use *that* computer to check out new 
plug-ins & software.

Back when I ran MS 'puters all the time, I would spend hours at a 
time tracking down and cleaning crap out of the Registry.  This was 
caused when I'd try out a new piece of software, decide it wasn't my 
thing, and delete it.  Unfortunately, it's rare that these demos have 
a 100% clean uninstall.  I found all that leftover junk would cause 
my performance to degrade (severely) over time.

Only install on your studio computer software that you're 100% 
dedicated to actually using.  Test new things out on another deck.


At 10:39 AM -0600 6/27/07, Krispen Hartung wrote:
>Mine is music performance only as well, with the exception of 
>accessing the internet for software updates and a few key forums, 
>like max/msp, etc. I don't change anything with the settings, so my 
>virus checkers, etc, are all intact.
>I did, however, optimize my configuration for music applications, 
>it's on Sweetwater's website and thier PC optimization guide.
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>>Question for those of you who use laptops.
>>Do you dedicate/optimize the laptop for use with music/audio/video only?
>>(i.e. ,  no email, finances, other personal apps that you might use on a
>>personal computer)