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Re: Laptops -dedicated to music only?

On 27 jun 2007, at 21.17, Mech wrote:

> Back when I ran MS 'puters all the time, I would spend hours at a  
> time tracking down and cleaning crap out of the Registry.

When I was using only Windows machines (1998-2003, when Mac's were  
pretty lousy) I solve the Registry Pollution Problem by setting up  
four different, closed and bootable partitions on the machine. I'm  
not talking about multiple user account here, but four exclusive  
system partition. When starting the PC I could chose which partition/ 
system to boot. The active, booted, system were not allowed of the  
other three partitions, so in praxis I had four different PC's  
sharing the same hardware. The applications were (1) Office work and  
internet, (2) games, fun and crap, (3) music applications, (4) music  
applications. The two music partitions were identical, so if I was  
working in a session and got problems with windows I never needed to  
loose time (force people to wait) on troubleshooting the system but  
only rebooting into the other music system clone. I kept ghost images  
of the system partitions so it only took me eight minutes to erase a  
partition and put back the fresh installation (clean registry file  
and all). Work documents, recordings and sample libraries were saved  
on other hard drives and as such accessible from within any system  
partition. I used this setup successfully on three or four PC's  
before Apple launched the G5 boxes and I picked up one of those.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
www.looproom.com (international)