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Re: OT: Naming rights

Bicycling (I hope)?  I'm just getting ready to head out for a fixed-gear 
(leg-looper of choice) ride.  I dig it when I have some Jeff Beck on my 
mind whilst riding.  Hate it when I got Wayne Newton...(not mush energy 

danke schön,


Michael Plishka wrote:
> Was out for a bike ride and an amazing refrain came to my head.  I 
> came back home and did a quick google and there's a company with that 
> phrase as their trademark.  My gut feeling (and the little bit I know 
> about trademark law from a previous job) is that I can use it since 
> it's not competing with them (and if the song is good they might want 
> to use it as their theme tune;-) ).
> Thoughts?
> Plish