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Re: Recording Programs?

Ah, I'm a Riverrun user from way back.  I used to use that Nautilus  
bundle all the time... then they didn't support OSX for a really long  
time.  By the time they did I kind of got out of the habit of going  
to them, but they're still on my hard drive and should be revisited.   
I think Reaktor just kind of came in and replaced a lot of that kind  
of plug in for me.


On Jun 25, 2007, at 1:27 PM, Per Boysen wrote:

> On 25 jun 2007, at 22.14, Mark Sottilaro wrote:
>> On the Mac side I've always had good luck with Digital Performer.   
>> It actually comes with a pretty cool looper too, so it's not that  
>> OT.  (POLAR)
> Hey - Riverrun is a gorgeous effect of DP's!!! It's also available  
> as a single AU, for use in other hosts, but then ridiculously  
> expensive. Riverrun can also be used as a kind of "looper", or  
> granulator-timestretcher-thingy...
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