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gotta chime in...
bought the 1st Mothers album 'absolutely free' i think it was called-i 
still got it-in '67 the day it came out...wtm(whatever that means)
got to see the band a coupla times at suny binghamton.
my fave is the 4 record 'shut up and play yer guitar'.
frank rules

> Apostophy and the cut Blessed Relief off The Grand
>Wazoo are my favorites.
>--- samba - <sambacomet@hotmail.com> wrote: 
>>   I always liked The Uncle Meat album,ad the tune
>> Peaches in Regalia  from 
>> Hot Rats the best but the last 2 releases  are
>> amazing,esp Yellow 
>> Shark.Magnificent.  You know Artis Spoonthang played
>> with Zappa.I'm ot sure 
>> which recording.
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