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Re: mic recommendations; champagne recording on a beer budget

Mech schrieb:
> Here's what he had done.  He had gone down to Radio Shack, and purchased 
> one of the mic elements they sell in the parts section. He'd then 
> soldered wires to the terminals, and run the element (rear-end first) 
> down an ordinary drinking straw, merely taping around the sides to hold 
> it in place.  On the opposite end of the wires running down the inside 
> of the straw, he soldered a standard XLR jack.  Later, he showed us a 
> more "advanced" model where he'd soldered an adapter for a 9-volt 
> battery and a cheap switch, so he wouldn't have to rely on phantom power.

I've build two of these capsules into a head band, and used it for 
concert recordings with my little Sony Professional Walkman in the 80's, 
this gave my quite nice live recordings. Best of the pack was a 
recording with Bobby McFerrin solo in Berlin...
It had two advantages, it wasn't obvious that I was recording, and I had 
a damn good quality. Disadvantage was, that I was distracted from 
actually listening to the music freely, thats why I gave up doing that 
pretty fast...


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