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Re: improvisation and performance

Kind of like getting psyched out by the water at the 12th hole.  No 
different than another shot but it messes with your mind.  Accept the 
and relax and BAM on the green....well most of the time...


Thanks Stefan for your wisdom!


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> Well I'll never actually call myself a jazz player. As an improvisor 
> I play a note that I consider
> wrong I do play it again and try and change my perception as to making 
> a right note. I love
> dissonance and those notes work well for me. At this point I just think 
> them as unexpected notes -
> was going for something else but everything underneath shifted.
> You are probably right about the jazzers though - they have a much 
> framework to be in. I do
> think fear of playing wrong notes makes for a major block to playing and 
> that the play it again idea
> gives a way of sidestepping this and being a better performer. And yes, 
> eventually they just become
> alternate notes....
> Stefan
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