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New to looping again!!!! no doubt

Hello to everyone. I am new to looping and have a shiny new Boss Rc2.
I am going to use this with my guitar and effects, and also with my 5 string electric violin.
If you have heard Ed-alleyne Johnson you will know where I am heading with the fiddle.
KT Tunstall is where I am going with the guitar.
My first question to help me get started is where in my effects chain do I put the thing!!!!
Do I create the loops clean then process with distortion/delay/chorus etc after the looper, or do I loop the already processed sound, or a bit of both.
Try this link to get an idea of what I am trying to acheive with the fiddle.
Thanks all
John, and son Cailean (only 14 but a better musician than me LOL)

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