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Re: AW: AW: which paramters do you controll with your MIDI Controller and Mobius?

On 22 jun 2007, at 00.29, Jens Wolters wrote:

> what is this "Record Overdub Expert" and "Bass Dots" ?
> And how to you pass different Rate Shifts values? That would be very
> interesting for me.

These are just some scripts I like. "Record Overdub Expert" has many  
functions on the same pedal (Record, Overdub, Next Track/Next Loop).  
"Bass Dots" simply shifts the rate one octave up while overdubbing a  
32d note and then directly after the overdubbing lowering the rate/ 
speed one octave below normal pitch to compensate for the loop  
speeding up when pitched up, so it will end up at the same time for a  
complete loop round and stay in sync. I use that script to punch in  
bass notes from normal octave lead playing and at the same time  
creating a "glitchy" sound. Regarding Rate Shift values I think I use  
one script for each Rate Shift value and then I bind the MIDI note  
event sent out from a particular pedal board button to that script.  
Hold on, I'll check it out on my USB stick.... yep, here's the script  
for bringing the loop up a major third:
!name Rate 3
for focused
  RateShift 3


But I also use a continuous CC# from an expression pedal or knob  
slider for continuous Rate Shift, as in "scratching" the loop.

And below is the Bass Dots script. It has a second function when  
holding down the button as well.
!name Bass Dots

RateShift 12
Wait last
Wait subcycle
Wait last
RateShift -7
Wait last
Wait subcycles
RateShift 0

!sustain 1000

Label sustain
if sustainCount=1
Wait cycle

If you want to ask more on Mobius specifically you might post on the  
Mobius list instead. I think this is going a bit OT here now :-)