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AW: which paramters do you controll with your MIDI Controller and Mobius?

wronq question ;)

Mobius (sitting in Ableton Live) is controlled both by the FCB1010 and the
computer's keyboard. Here's the assignment

Bank5 "Multitracking": Exp1 - Volume, Exp2 - Feedback
Bounce  Retrigger       PrevLoop        Realign PrevTrack       Copy
SusNextLoop     NextLoop        Pause   NextTrack

Bank6 "Basics": Exp1 - Volume, Exp2 - Feedback
Overdub Multiply        Reverse Undo    Mute    Record  Insert  Speed   

Bank7 "Fancy Stuff": Exp1 - Volume, Exp2 - Feedback
Rate0   RateDn  SusReverse      SlipBack        Stutter Shuffle RateUp
SusSpeed        SlipFwd SusReplace

Bank8 "Guitar Center": Exp1 - Amplitube Volume, Exp2 - Amplitube Wah
Overdub Multiply        Reverse Undo    PrevTrack       Record  NextLoop
Speed   Mute    NextTrack

F1 Midi Start
F2 Midi Stop
F5 "Fractal" Script
F6 "TWarp" Script
F7 "Burning Chrome" Script
F8 Master Mute
F9 Reset
F11 MasterReset
F12 MasterReset

1-8     Track 1-8
q-i     Mute Track 1-8
a-l     SecondaryFeedback 100-0 

9       Prev Parameter
0       Next Parameter
       Decrease Parameter
       Increase Parameter
       Pan L64
o       Pan L40
p       Pan L20
       Pan C
       Pan R20
+       Pan R40
#       Pan R64
,       Multiply 2
.       Multiply 3
m       Divide 2
n       Divide 3
y       toggle quantize mode
x       toggle sync mode
c       toggle sus mode
v       toggle shuffle mode