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Re: MARTIAN BLUES (Was: Re: Quick live looper feedback please


Heheh. I'm too "white" to play the blues very well - even Martian blues (not
enough green in me either).

At least that's what I feel like . . . and what usually tell people (as an excuse).

Thanks for the compliments though.

When I was a kid I did the bottle-neck slide Leo Kottke (type) thing for a long, long time

Then, somewhere along the way (1982),  I discovered "electricity" so-to-speak
(FX and eventually looping).

Heheheh. Gear Aquisition Syndrome (GAS) ruined my life - almost overnight I became a
musical mutant. LOL.

But I still play old-timey dobro in church every other Sunday.

So I guess there is still something sortta "normal" in there.

Best regards,

LOL,  I started with Electric blues in 75 and went acoustic in 78 with a 75 gibson gospel.  I lucked into a 1929 "gold" dobro in 1980.  The old tin one painted gold, I still have it and love it for slide.  In 77 I quit my job at the music store to purchase a 1955 Gibson Les Paul Special TV model that I was told they would not sell to an employee.... Lousy pawn shop owner... but I didn't care becuase I loved the guitar.. I still have them all but my 75 strat which I sold to go to college in 83.  I decided some education might be nice....  Oddly I start looping the blues back then with cassettes along with my brother so we could "overdub" from cassette to cassette.  It wasn't until 80 when I purchased a TEAC 4 track that I thought I died and went to heaven.  I thank my grandfather for that kind of support or else I would still be using cassettes!

Although  I like old Delta blues, Muddy sure made it loud and proud which is the first type of blues I remember along with Elvis.  I am 47 by the way and at an early age while my mother was busy having kids my grandfather loaned my parents a "nanny" to help out.  This wonderful lady was a jazz singer that is still known for her pipes in these parts.... WV. and long since dead.  I learned many a melody from her......   Still is all blues to me, somebody telling their woes to someone else, or revealing feelings to the world.... sounds like blues to me, even when it is the voice of the a (insert instrument here), searching for the right note!


I love music!