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MARTIAN BLUES (Was: Re: Quick live looper feedback please


Heheh. I'm too "white" to play the blues very well - even Martian blues 
(not enough green in me either).

At least that's what I feel like . . . and what usually tell people (as an 

Thanks for the compliments though.

When I was a kid I did the bottle-neck slide Leo Kottke (type) thing for a 
long, long time though.

Then, somewhere along the way (1982),  I discovered "electricity" 
so-to-speak (FX and eventually looping).

Heheheh. Gear Aquisition Syndrome (GAS) ruined my life - almost overnight 
I became a musical mutant. LOL.

But I still play old-timey dobro in church every other Sunday.

So I guess there is still something sortta "normal" in there.

Best regards,


---- Weg <theweg@netzero.net> wrote: 
> Ted said" Try as I may, I cannot totally convince them that the 
>technolgy is neutral and they 
> won't wind up like me -- playing avant mutant music from some other not 
>quite normal 
> planet. Heheheh."
>   I started out playing blues and still do!  I also play some latin, 
>jazz, rock, ect...  Tell your friends even Martians can get the blues, 
>and what is wrong with playing like you, I've heard your stuff online and 
>it sounds great!  some of that martian blues is deep and can come off as 
>avant mutant music, but only the ears can tell!
> Peace,
> Weg