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Re: Using G-mail: was 'Do we need a forum'

RICK WALKER schrieb:
> It was my understanding when it started up that G-mail mines personal 
> data from accounts and sells it to interested parties.

They do use it, and for sure they sell their knowledge to other e-mail 
providers. Any service which is "free" will need to make money, 
basically with ads. Google is the market leader for data mining...

But what worries me more is that in the U.S. there are laws to force a 
company to be bad, even if they want to be the good boys. You can't 
trust anybody. All in the name of war against terrorism. What a 
contradiction. The list contents are available for all secret services 
of the world anyway, but the datamining technology of Google is only 
available for the experts of Google and by law for the U.S. government...

On the other hand I doubt that anybody would make sense out of my talks 
and I am on all blacklists anyway, don't get credit from any bank and I 
am proud to be suspicious to all those dumbheads... ;-)

I don't need G-mail, my Thunderbird is fine for sorting and filtering...
And I never use forums, they suck... (Can't read them in the metro...)


Charles Zwicky schrieb:
> E-mail lists are a pain. Get with the program, folks, it's 2007...
> In a forum, you can CHOOSE what topics you would like to read,
> respond to, etc...

Learn e-mail! In a list I can CHOOSE what topics I like to read even in 
the subway...

> This email shit is for the birds..

Forums are for dinosaurs, evolutionary, birds came later...

Your happy bird,


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