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Re: Using G-mail: was 'Do we need a forum'

I'm way behind the curve on this conversation.

Instead of using banner advertisements, google has something that
gives you text advertisements on the side, based on key words it finds
in the body text of your email. So if I write an email about rubber
duckies, I may get some ads about collectible wooden ducks, or maybe

But they also have the best spam filter of any email service I've ever
used, so all in all I get about 10% of the advertisements I get in
hotmail or yahoo, or my non-public work email.

By "the man is watching you now", David may mean that any time you
post an email to a public email list, the results are searchable on
most search engines. Also, if anyone's email account is taking notes
on what people write, that would apply to incoming emails as much as
outgoing ones. I'm not worried. Think about the huge amount of data
storage it would take to keep track of everything that's written in


On 6/3/07, RICK WALKER <looppool@cruzio.com> wrote:
> It was my understanding when it started up that G-mail mines personal 
> from accounts and sells it to interested parties.
> That makes me exceptionally nervous.
> Anyone know what the truth of this matter is?
> yours, Rick Walker