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Re: OT: Crown PZM $1,500 Radio Shack PZM $49.99

I did a little research at Radio Shack tonight for everyone
and found out that
1)   they no longer carry the PZM microphones, even in the catalogue ;-)
2)   There are four official styles of Radio Shack store,  including
       Small Mall,  Large Mall,  Large Non-Mall and then the rarer but 
        old fashion Master stores which carry more electronics gear.

        None of the mall stores will carry things like condenser 
        but the two latter categories do keep them in stock.

        My friend at Radio Shack told me that any of the Radio Shack 
not only order you those aforementioned  condenser mic elements (they go 
but that they won't charge shipping for them.

It's here in their catalogue (and be appraised that you have to power it 
with something)


and here is the part number for inquiries:

Model: 27-101
Catalog #: 270-101
Price: $3.69

   I learned one last interesting thing.    While there I was just looking 
at their small microphone
selection and saw a mic that looked remarkably similar to an SM 48,  the 
Shure rock and roll vocal
warhorse mic (like an SM 57 with a windscreen).

    My friend at Radio Shack said that Shure makes all the Radio Shack 
I'm not sure of it,   but from the look, size and feel of it (including 
capsule which I
took a good look at)  I think this is an SM 58.....................for $49!
I'm not dead set on this, but I know that most of the more inexpensive 
budget microphones
are lighter in weight than the SM 58.  This thing is the exact same weight 
as the SM 58 so I think
we may have discovered another champagne living on a beer budget 

enjoy,  R.