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Re:[OT] Radio Shack PZM $49.99 in UK

Radio Shack in the UK was a shop called "Tandy".
...or as I called it "Tandy, where nothing works".

I haven't seen a Tandy for years now, but they did 
do a version of the PZM.

For the price, especially at the time, they were pretty amazing,
especially if it was possible to wall or floor mount them.

There were a number of DIY hacks to do 

The battery substitution thing is mentioned in the manual.
They say use two 23-496 batteries, but take them out
when not using the mic.

Probably there's suitable camera batteries that could be made 
to fit.

Now in UK there's a chain of stores called Maplin, which
have a good stock of mic elements and piezo sensors.

andy butler