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Re: Boss RC50 - two inputs and two outputs?

I use an A/B box to do that. My gtr into the A/B, one side goes to the looper, one side goes right to the amp.
then I can decide if I am including the gtr in the loop. You could also program the RC-50 to mute the inputs, depending on what you want to do, but I think that's not as flexible as an A/B box.


On Jun 18, 2007, at 8:12 AM, Stuart Masters wrote:

Thanks, guys, that's really useful. Does anyone know if you can have both guitar and vox running through the RC50 but loop them individually? Say, if you wanted to loop a vocal but play guitar underneath and not loop guitar... or loop your guitar while singing but not loop your voice... I've phoned around and find this out anywhere!

Marc Marshall <agentlesoul2004@yahoo.com> wrote:
I love the feature.   I can run my guitar into it and send it to my Mesa Boogie amp and run a mike into it, and run it into the PA.  I aslo should mention you can assign pan for each track as well as assign the output location. It works great in the effects loop of my studio mixer as I can loop anything connected to the mixer.
I thought that feature was a useless bell. Or was it a whistle.
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From: Marc Marshall <agentlesoul2004@yahoo.com>
it's easy, just read the manual.  You can assign all inputs to MAIN, SUB or MAIN & SUB outputs'

Teddy <teddybutter@mac.com> wrote:
yes, definitely


On Jun 15, 2007, at 8:30 AM, Stuart Masters wrote:

> Hello,
> I do apologise if this has already been coverered (I checked and
> couldn't find anything on the archive) but does anyone know if it's
> possible to plug a guitar and a mic into the RC50 and have them
> come out of two separate outputs?
> I'm a singer/acoustic performer and I'm currently using a Headrush
> E2 for guitar and a Boss RC20xl for vocals. I'd love to be able to
> sync loops using mic/guitar and the RC50 sounds great. At the
> moment it's impossible using two separate units.
> But it would probably cause problems if the guitar/vox couldn't go
> to two separate places because I'd be in control of the overall
> balance rather than the sound guy - probably not sensi ble!
> Really grateful for anyone's advice... Sorry that this is more of a
> question than discussion topic, by the way...
> Stuart