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Re: Boss RC50 - two inputs and two outputs?

Thanks, guys, that's really useful. Does anyone know if you can have both guitar and vox running through the RC50 but loop them individually? Say, if you wanted to loop a vocal but play guitar underneath and not loop guitar... or loop your guitar while singing but not loop your voice... I've phoned around and find this out anywhere!

Marc Marshall <agentlesoul2004@yahoo.com> wrote:
I love the feature.   I can run my guitar into it and send it to my Mesa Boogie amp and run a mike into it, and run it into the PA.  I aslo should mention you can assign pan for each track as well as assign the output location. It works great in the effects loop of my studio mixer as I can loop anything connected to the mixer.

midifriedchicken@comcast.net wrote:
I thought that feature was a useless bell. Or was it a whistle.
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From: Marc Marshall <agentlesoul2004@yahoo.com>
it's easy, just read the manual.  You can assign all inputs to MAIN, SUB or MAIN & SUB outputs'

Teddy <teddybutter@mac.com> wrote:
yes, definitely


On Jun 15, 2007, at 8:30 AM, Stuart Masters wrote:

> Hello,
> I do apologise if this has already been coverered (I checked and
> couldn't find anything on the archive) but does anyone know if it's
> possible to plug a guitar and a mic into the RC50 and have them
> come out of two separate outputs?
> I'm a singer/acoustic performer and I'm currently using a Headrush
> E2 for guitar and a Boss RC20xl for vocals. I'd love to be able to
> sync loops using mic/guitar and the RC50 sounds great. At the
> moment it's impossible using two separate units.
> But it would probably cause problems if the guitar/vox couldn't go
> to two separate places because I'd be in control of the overall
> balance rather than the sound guy - probably not sensi ble!
> Really grateful for anyone's advice... Sorry that this is more of a
> question than discussion topic, by the way...
> Stuart

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