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Re: f.s. looperlative and eclipse

   Well, as I'd mentioned the other day on-list, I've just rejoined after 
about four years of a complete hiatus from the musical thing.

   :)  Now whether that is a good thing or not, remains to be 
seen!  lol!  It will most likely be for an audience I have, to judge!!!  

   Let's hope what comes out doesn't seriously injure anyone!  K?...

Scott, all the best to you and yours and I support your decision 100 
percent!  I enjoyed meeting you a few years back and have enjoyed what 
heard of your music.  Thanks very much for that, and I wish you the best 
the path you're taking now!...

Catch ya on the flip!...



At 06:46 PM 6/14/2007 -0500, you wrote:

>I agree with Krispen, this is a real surprise, Scott.. I don't know if 
>you'd remember this, but I did a gig probably seven years ago with you in 
>SF (a round-robin with me doing singing, a sitar player, and you), and 
>were definitely one with your music. It would make me very be sad if you 
>were getting rid of EVERY instrument, I'm glad to see you aren't quitting 
>I must actually say that getting rid of stuff can bring real surprises. 
>Three years ago I put everything in storage but an acoustic and a 
>four-track and it's ended up being the most creative period of my life.
>Daryl Shawn
>>After a few months of soul searching I've discovered that making music 
>>isn't really a priority to me and I'll be selling (almost)everything...
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   "The only things I really think are important, are love, and each 
other.  -Then, anything is possible..."


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