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Re: f.s. looperlative and eclipse

I agree with Krispen, this is a real surprise, Scott.. I don't know if 
you'd remember this, but I did a gig probably seven years ago with you 
in SF (a round-robin with me doing singing, a sitar player, and you), 
and you were definitely one with your music. It would make me very be 
sad if you were getting rid of EVERY instrument, I'm glad to see you 
aren't quitting altogether.

I must actually say that getting rid of stuff can bring real surprises. 
Three years ago I put everything in storage but an acoustic and a 
four-track and it's ended up being the most creative period of my life.


Daryl Shawn
> After a few months of soul searching I've discovered that making music 
> isn't really a priority to me and I'll be selling (almost)everything...