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Re: AW: Rogues' Gallery?...

   Thanks to you and all of the others who have been nice enough to keep 
up to date!  :)

   Much appreciated....

y'all rock!!!



At 12:06 AM 6/14/2007 +0200, you wrote:

> >                            Hey All, am wondering what the
> > current rogues'
> > gallery of loopers is like these days?...
>Just look here... http://www.y2k6loopfest.com/images.html
> >    Am actually wondering what the current equip  scene is?
>It's all laptop these days, or at least dominated by them. The laptop 
>themselves are split into two main camps: MAX/MSP and Mobius.
>Apart from that, there's of course still the old crowd using their
>Repeaters, EDPs, Looperlatives and whatnot.
>I found this article I wrote (but never finished) about the gear scene at
>the loopfest - enjoy!
>         Rainer
>This article is about the gear setup people use when playing something
>like.well, the Y2K6 International Live Looping Festival Santa Cruz/CA
>(www.y2k6loopfest.com, in case somebody hasn't noticed). This article does
>not claim to have any statistical relevance - mainly because I was out 
>during one day of the main festival and attended the kyberjam on the 
>But here we go:
>1.      Nice Rack:
>These are the people with a big 19'' equipment rack, which is usually
>complemented by a choice of foot controllers. Lots of carrying, relatively
>long setup time, great fun!
>This may be combined with one or several instrument (guitar) amplifiers
>(combos or really big ones), and even with some foot pedals.
>Great examples include Ted Killian, Bill Walker and Mir-O.
>2.      Pedal Board Rider:
>Lots of pedals (and sometimes not-pedal stuff, like handheld devices) are
>mounted on a big board. One cable goes from the guitar, bass or similar
>instrument into this board, another one (or a pair) goes out to FOH or to 
>instrument amp.
>These are usually slightly lighter than the big racks and much quicker to
>setup, simply because there are so few connections to make.
>Great examples: Ryussei Hattori, Mando-Man (seems to be a Japanese
>3.      Laptop Nerd:
>A laptop, and some other stuff. It makes sense to sub-divide that group 
>two different sub-groups:
>For one, there are the pure setups. There is the laptop, there are some 
>elements (foot controller, faderbox), and there is an audio/MIDI 
>But there are no external effect boxes and no external electronic
>More often however you'll find group two: hybrid setup where the 
>is complemented with one or several "outlaptop" devices. A guitar
>floorboard, an effects processor or something similar.
>The nerd crew had shown some tremendous growth in the last year. While in
>the past only dedicated laptopitians would use a laptop-based setup,
>nowadays more and more former users of other setups (mostly rack-users
>indeed) have switched to laptops. The range of laptops in use ranges from 
>old 500MHz G3 up to a maxxed out DuoCore.
>Great examples: Warren Sirrota, Per Boysen.and, well, myself.
>4.      Distributed Stuff:
>Lots of (mostly small) electronic components (like stompboxes, table-top
>devices and perhaps a compact mixer) are brought along in a bag and then 
>up on top of a table. This kind of a setup suffers mostly from the rather
>big amount of cabling necessary when setting up in relation to the number 
>devices used.
>Great examples: Matt Davignon
>5.      Small Stuff:
>Most of the time one or two integrated stompboxes, sometimes enhanced by 
>additional expression pedal etc. Small geometrical size and minimum weight
>count here and thus great portability rating. Often it is possible to
>entirely battery-power those setups (a property which they share with most
>pedal boards).
>Great examples: Genie (a distortion stompbox and a DL4), Pushing Air (a
>beauty case (?) in mint green).
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