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Personally, being a classically trained composer, I see the multi-track
looping option of a tool like Mobius as a very intuitive way of bringing in
and out different instrumental parts.

Especially you as a drummer (and Looperlative user) should see the use in
this, as (as you mentioned already) when you're playing a drum set you're
laying down not one, but three to five different instrumental parts,
normally into one loop.

Now think about the possibility to do some multi-track work here - have the
bass drum in one loop, the snare drum in another one and so one. With that,
you can now add some crazy ringmod to just the snare drum loop, or send the
bass drum through a reverb delay, or replace the cymbal part without
touching any of the other parts...you get the idea.

A lot of things I currently do in Mobius with multiple tracks could also be
achieved with fewer tracks and clever use of multiple loops within one
track, but it's just less intuitive. Having these different tracks gives me
the feeling of really having different musicians which, just like a
conductor, I can give signs to do something.