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Re: Rogues' Gallery?...

   Hey Mark, thankie thanks!  :)

Both for the update on you and yours and for the gear.  Very informative, 
and I truly appreciate it!

BTW, was great to meet ya back in 05 at the show you played along with 
/ Bill Walker in Santa Cruz...  Don't remember the name of the venue, but 
do remember the show!  :)  The place was hip though, :) and the show was 



At 09:08 PM 6/12/2007 -0700, you wrote:

> > Hey All, am wondering what the current rogues'
> > gallery of loopers is like these days?...
>Well well well... this last year has been a really interesting and
>exciting year for me.  Unhappy with the Looperlative in it's first
>incarnation, and tired of waiting for a Repeater update, I took the lead
>of people here like Per and Krispen and I went with a laptop/mobius looper
>So far it's been great!  The only thing I missed was being able to preset
>my loop length before recording, like the good ol' JamMan.  However, the
>author of Mobius just released a version that's got this functionality and
>if I wasn't backstage at a corporate event in Vegas I'd be on it like
>nobody's business.
>Basically, for what I paid for the Looperlative I have something with all
>the looper functionality I'll ever want, plus the ability to run VSTis
>that are amazing.  During this time my wife and I went on a mission to buy
>a condo, and knowing my studio size would probably not be very large, I
>had to get rid of a lot of my hardware.  The good news is we did buy a
>condo, my studio isn't much smaller and my software synths are so good I
>don't miss my old gear at all.
>The bad news is that between the wedding, homesearch and move, I've not
>had a lot of time to play this last year, but things are finally calming
>down and I'm eager to get back in my studio and start making noise.  The
>other exciting thing is that I shaved off about 2 hours from my daily
>commute that can now go towards looping.
>Again, I'll say, if you have a PC, something that hosts VSTs, a firewire
>or faster audio interface and a midi controller, you should explore
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   "The only things I really think are important, are love, and each 
other.  -Then, anything is possible..."


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