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Re: Rogues' Gallery?...

> Hey All, am wondering what the current rogues'
> gallery of loopers is like these days?...

Well well well... this last year has been a really interesting and
exciting year for me.  Unhappy with the Looperlative in it's first
incarnation, and tired of waiting for a Repeater update, I took the lead
of people here like Per and Krispen and I went with a laptop/mobius looper

So far it's been great!  The only thing I missed was being able to preset
my loop length before recording, like the good ol' JamMan.  However, the
author of Mobius just released a version that's got this functionality and
if I wasn't backstage at a corporate event in Vegas I'd be on it like
nobody's business.

Basically, for what I paid for the Looperlative I have something with all
the looper functionality I'll ever want, plus the ability to run VSTis
that are amazing.  During this time my wife and I went on a mission to buy
a condo, and knowing my studio size would probably not be very large, I
had to get rid of a lot of my hardware.  The good news is we did buy a
condo, my studio isn't much smaller and my software synths are so good I
don't miss my old gear at all.

The bad news is that between the wedding, homesearch and move, I've not
had a lot of time to play this last year, but things are finally calming
down and I'm eager to get back in my studio and start making noise.  The
other exciting thing is that I shaved off about 2 hours from my daily
commute that can now go towards looping.

Again, I'll say, if you have a PC, something that hosts VSTs, a firewire
or faster audio interface and a midi controller, you should explore