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RE: Resetting the Behringer FCB

I had a similar problem with the CC pedal never quite going down to a 
value of Zero.  Reset /recalibration did not help.  Messing with the 
range didn't help.

I finally decided to take it apart and that the FCB1010 is cheap enough 
so that if I destroy it I'll just replace it.

Anyway after making sure the gradient optical thingie was clean, 
successfully bent the bracket holding the LED (or was it the sensor?) to 
nudge the entire value range downward. Fixed!

I also had an FCB button that recently went dead for no reason.  I again 
took it apart, poked around with a screwdriver and screwed it back 
together.  Voila! Success again.

I figure I get one more 'freebie' and then I'll be getting another.  But 
'til then I'm cool.

In case anyone's interested, the Ripwerx Java-based editor for the 
FCB1010 is the way to go - you can see every bank and all the settings 
at once.  Great graphical representation..  The editor allows you to 
name and save sysex dumps and to load them quickly, so it's a backup 
utility as well.  It includes a reference and a midi monitor so you can 
see exactly what each pedal is sending.  And it's free... I think it's 
available at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/fcb1010/

Dan Ash
White Plains, NY