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Re: Resetting the Behringer FCB

Here's how to calibrate the pedal


The expression pedals "shouldn't" wear out, as they have optical sensors.
However there's a bit of plastic film that's attached to each pedal 
and dips down into the body of the pedal. When this gets dusty
(as it will) it upsets the calibration.  


William Walker wrote:
> Have you tried calibrating the pedals while putting something underneath 
> the pedal in both the toe and heal down position. I used a small flat 
> block of wood, just enough to raise the pedal  at either end so the 
> pedal is prohibited from making its full travel.  this will narrow the 
> pedalís throw range and might cure your problem. What are you 
> controlling with it, is it the  same behavior no matter what or could it 
> be a calibration issue in your software? I think that these pedals just 
> start to give out after a while, Iíve got a couple of my pedal switches 
> that are starting to feel and act gimpy.  Fortunately they arenít that 
> expensive.
> Bill