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Re: I now "get" the RC-50.

Teddy wrote:
> I love my RC-50, by the way. I have no idea what was even wrong with
> it, but then again I always use it to make in time loops. I think that if
> you were using it to make loops with no click track it might not be
> the optimal device.

I have no poblems with making loops since OS 1.01 (which fixed the "gap" 
issue). Both synced loops and unsynced loops are OK now, as well as 
syncing other midi devices to the RC-50. For example, I have synced my 
Roland V-Synth and TC Electronic D2 delay and I can easily change the 
tempo during a performance using the tap tempo control pedal... Especially 
the V-Synth has a very stable midi sync clock, it follows the RC-50