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re:Trouble Thinking of Loops Beyond the Initial Loop

Dear Elmer

First of all, I would stop hunting Wabbits huhuhuhuhuhuhuh. But seriously, one thing I like about looping is that you don’t have to conform to a traditional method of composition such as a verse chorus verse chorus bridge structure. You could for instance create one loop as a percussive beat box style short loop, followed by a simple one or two note drone loop, followed by a loop of melodic content, and play different chord progressions in real time against your melodies, or just have your third loop as a short loop that you can record and erase on the fly to create harmonic or melodic motion.  I sometimes create a rhythmic riff that is harmonically neutral in that it has no major or minor thirds, which gives me more flexibility to modulate keys on top of it. Example, if I loop a riff using an E an B and a F# (root, 5th,9th) those three notes are found in the keys of E major (I), D major (II), G major (VI),A major (V), B Major (IV), and the key of E harmonic minor to name the most obvious and I can use the chords and notes from any of those keys as harmonic are melodic fodder over that three not riff. Also remember that music traditions such as Indian and Balinese traditional music are all about melody and rhythm and thinking in that direction can free you from always taking the western approach  of starting with the chord progression.

Git er done