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RE: still on the interface quest...

>>I had some hassle trying to get Windows to work via Parallels.  Have
you had any success running audio apps in Windows (Mobius perhaps) while
running other apps on the Mac side simultaneously?  It sound like a pipe
dream to me, but if it's at all workable, I'd be willing to give
Parallels another shot.<<

I use parallels on my MBP so that I can run vegas (4 or 5- I haven't
bought the later versions because I'm quite happy with what I've got) &
the only issues I've had are 
1) it can't talk to the superdrive, so I can't make CDs straight out of
vegas. yet. the new parallels release due any day now is going to fix
this, we're told. 
2) if I'm running parallels in full-screen mode, sometimes there isn't
enough horsepower left over after all the screen redrawing to keep the
audio happening, especially with a lot of tracks/plug-ins. if I use
"coherence" mode, the screen driving seems to be handled by the mac OS
instead of the guest OS & things improve dramatically. I'm using w2k sp4
as the guest.

what I haven't tried (& with me it's a cultural thing as much as
anything else) is running anything like "live" or "reason" on the
pc-half & the mac-half at the same time. I don't know if the networking
between the two "machines" would allow midi syncing or anything.

but running apps on both OSs at the same time? no problem. 

'pon the interface thing- I've been looking at the alesis offerings-
they do a normal-looking analogue mixer which can deliver audio via
firewire from each of it's 16 inputs + the stereo mix; very tempting at
the pricepoint. there's also a non-mixer interface that does more or
less the same, but which for some reason is at the same price. has
anyone used either?