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Re: still on the interface quest...

Congrats on the Mac!  I'm loving mine as well.

I had some hassle trying to get Windows to work via Parallels.  Have  
you had any success running audio apps in Windows (Mobius perhaps)  
while running other apps on the Mac side simultaneously?  It sound  
like a pipe dream to me, but if it's at all workable, I'd be willing  
to give Parallels another shot.


On Jun 6, 2007, at 5:43 PM, Doug Wellington wrote:

>> thinking of getting my very first mac next January (for my 40th B- 
>> Day).
> Just a wee lad, eh?  I figure anyone younger than me is just a young
> punk.  Punk!  ;-)
> I think you'll like the Mac though.  I've been using Macs for several
> years (only since OS X came out though), and a Macbook since last
> fall, and I love it.  I'm running Parallels and Winders XP on it, so I
> figure I have the best of all worlds...
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