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Re: FS: Vintage Roland G33 and GR33B analog bass synthesizer..

indeed :)

Here is a little ditty I recorded with a pickup band in the studio. All
the analog sweeps, notes, and buzzes are the G33/GR33b 100% live - not a
keyboard or synthesizer. The pads and FX are a K2000 and I'm playing the
Roland "808" EDrum kit :)



> I don't know about the G33, but I can speak for the GR 300/303/808 - IT
> ROCKS like El Capitan.  I know the GR guitars are made by Ibanez and
> they're quite nice.  If you play bass and you wanna go 'outside'...
> this is a doorway.
> No vested interest - just love of the old Roland guitar synth's

>> Here are full pictures and a description of all the items:
>> http://www.helpwantedproductions.com/ebay/gr33b.htm
>> I am continuing to sell off some of my high end items. next on the
>> block is my uber rare oringal Roland G33 Bass and GR33b floor unit.
>> This is the bass brother to the popular Blue GR300 guitar synthesizer

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