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Re: Sync drift with EDP. Causes? Solutions?

Hmm, as far as sync protocal, as I understand it, if Im using midi, it is by default, midi clock. The other methods are for older equipment or to sync to another edp. I have the sync parameter set to "IN". The 8ths/Cycle set to "8". The Midi out of the Drum machine/Ableton is connected to the midi in of the EDP. Cables are excellent. Not in Overdub.
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From: Per Boysen <perboysen@gmail.com>

> > >> > Using a brand new EDP with the latest software. Trying to sync
> > to a
> > >> Yamaha
> > >> > DD55 or Ableton, seems to drift after about 24 bars. Any thoughts
> > >> on why or
> > >> > how to solve the issue?
> > >> > Thanks
> Please tell us the details. It's hard help when you have to guess ;-))
> What are your sync settings? (check settings at the front panel)
> What sync protocol are you going with? (MIDI Clock, Beat Sync or
> Brother Sync?)
> Please also note Doug's question about Overdub. Any EDP in Overdub
> Mode will drift.
> When you give the full story people on the list will be able to help
> out.
> per