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Re: Sync drift with EDP. Causes? Solutions?

Some related questions for the skilled EDP Engineers on this list:

I mostly run the EDP as the MIDI Clock sync master and never noticed  
any drift among the slaves. Does this mean the sync issue during  
Overdub Mode is not affecting MIDI Clock output?

When I have been syncing the EDP to other devices I have used Beat  
Sync or Brother Sync, but I have not noticed andy drift under these  
protocols. Is the Overdub Mode drift happening here as well, or is it  
a MIDI Clock only issue?


On 6 jun 2007, at 03.17, L.A. Angulo wrote:

> This happens to me as well when the EDP is the slave
> syncing it to an MPC1000,i have to often retrigger
> for it to get back and sync,otherwise as a master it
> stays tight.
> Luis
> --- midifriedchicken@comcast.net wrote:
>> In. It is syncing, it just drifts.
>> -------------- Original message --------------
>> From: "Claude Voit" <c.voit@vtx.ch>
>>> tell us your sync setting so we dont have to guess
>>> Claude

> --- midifriedchicken@comcast.net wrote:

>>> Using a brand new EDP with the latest software.
>> Trying to sync to a Yamaha
>>> DD55 or Ableton, seems to drift after about 24
>> bars. Any thoughts on why or
>>> how to solve the issue?
>>> Thanks