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Re: The Artist's Right To Be Boring (was: Re: the best.... theworst....)


True words there.

In my experience, it is impossible to depend upon or predict success when 
you start out with a blank slate for every performance.

Not many of us are THAT brilliant.

I'm certainly not.

I fall flat on my face about as many times as I do well.

That's what makes doing this improv thing that some of us do sooooo very 

The risk of being an abject failure is all too very real . . . and the 
consequences painful.

Even when the audience and promoter(s) themselves are very forgiving it 
can be devastating to not live up to ones own expectations.

Many positivly disposed listeners may just figure that it's "abstract" or 
"avant garde" or "new" and not realize that it also can be truly BAD as 

I have to admit it, I am actually bad more times than I like to think 

Artists need to be accorded a "right to be awful" from time to time . . . 
some of us more than others.


tEd ® kiLLiAn

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---- Per Boysen <perboysen@gmail.com> wrote: 
> On 4 jun 2007, at 19.40, Goddard, Duncan wrote:
> > but what's wrong with "abstract electronica" if it's done tastefully
> absolutely nothing ;-)
> I was just joking about the fact that there are so many times I have  
> played experimental music where the experiment kind of not turned out  
> very well, as in "not done tastefully", and on such occasions I have  
> heard this "failure music" labeled "Abstract Electronica" by others.  
> It's like people think that since they don't feel much for this music  
> there must be some hidden abstract quality within it... they just  
> just don't dare to realize that the music simply is bad ;-)  I'd like  
> to propose a big cheers for The Artist's Right To Be Boring!!! ;-))  
> (Yes, seriously. Nothing good comes out of playing it safely all the  
> way and mistakes must be allowed to hit the good ones)
> per